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Welcome to my super blog!! I live in Costa Rica but I’m originally from New York. I’ve been in Costa Rica for ages now but I go to upstate New York to visit parents and relatives once in awhile.

The reason why I moved to Costa Rica because I wanted to learn about green ways to do agriculture, I think of myself as environmentally friendly so at some point NY wasn’t doing it. The traffic, the crowds, the high cost of living, the snow and then more snow.

Although I enjoyed living in NYC during my college days, after I graduated from NYU with a degree of Environmental Science I decided to try to learn someone less degree like and more hands on.

Being here for years now has allowed my to learn quite a lot about many subjects and about thing that they don’t teach you in college. Important things about life and how to be completely independent.

I struggled with the language when I first moved here but hey, that’s the small price you have to pay to live in paradise.

My friends will describe me as read more about me here a loyal and understandable friend. I am the ear the come to when they have stuff to share and I’m the shoulder the come to cry on. That sounds a bit too much but I’m happy to offer emotional support whenever I can.

I see myself a bit different thou, I am a resilient woman that fights for people (and pets) rights when necessary. I am that fearful friend. I’m also looking for a boyfriend. After being divorced for several years it;s about time, at least that’s what my friends say.

PS: By the way, the name of this domain fits me perfectly, I live in what I consider a villa, a natural villa in the jungle of Costa Rica surrounded by trees and four leg beings and I’m also Gemini, so welcome to Villa Geminiani.

Anyway, I just wanted to do a little intro about myself so not to be rude.

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