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Thanksgiving in Costa Rica and a Tropical Storm Trailing Us

I was going to continue with my Hydroponics Series but there’s definitely more important stuff to talk about: Otto.

One of those rarities at this time of the year Otto, a tropical storm that has the potential to become a hurricane, just in time for the Holidays.

Being from New York, I’m more used to dealing with snow storm and ice than anything else however I still remember the day my friends and I decided to spend a two-week vacation in Summer a few years ago. We were in Miami, FL and a rather small hurricane had been threaten to approach the Floridian coast for a few days, at the time evacuation was not mandatory and since it was a Category 3 we decided to stay.

Well, it was all fun and games until the power went out around 8pm. We were staying in an Airbnb high rise on South Beach so we were very close to the ocean. Initially we didn’t think about it being too much, no electricity, big deal. But as the night progressed we knew we were in trouble.

The ocean grew more aggressive and so did the wind. I still remember the horrid sounds that the wind made going through our windows, and even thought they were completely shut the blinds kept moving like they were wide open, scary.

We survived the night unscathed but the sight the very next morning was intense. Big trees completely uprooted, cars damaged and everything was out of place.

Hopefully this won’t be the case although I’m not aware of any hurricane shelter nearby. I’ll look into that after this blog post. Priorities!

So Otto brings back those kind of memories. I’m already missing my family for the Holidays, I decided to stay in C.R because the tickets were way much higher that I could afford and also I wasn’t expecting to deal with hurricanes or any natural disaster.

Here’s a screenshot of what the weather channel is reporting, and look! Costa Rica is about to get the biggest Black Friday present. Yes, we’re right in the hurricane’s path.




Hopefully I’ll be able to write again tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to people in the US.


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