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Questions, questions, questions… Part IV (and last)

Lastly, the wedding. Isn’t silly to talk about a wedding without even having a potential boyfriend? I think so but here is it so everybody reads it. IF I find a boyfriend and IF we last for a long time and IF we decide to tie the knot and IF he’s a local there could easily be a possible Costa Rican wedding, bring your bikinis lol.

However, as I indicated above in previous posts, none of that is a reality right now as there’s no boyfriend and I’m so focus on learning and many things here that having a partner is the last thing on my mind. But there’s always hope.

I’m never been into boys, ok, let me rephrase that, I’ve never been crazy for a relationship. I know most of my girlfriends need to be in one to be happy (hey their words) but I just feel some apathy for such things, after all I want to make my contribution to humanity (even learning and teaching will be my contribution).

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is I don’t know how relationships can contribute to better societies, I know this is not why people get a partner but to me the whole dating thing can be very stressful and nonsense. It would have to be a farmer or someone along those lines. Someone who’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty, very hands on.

For now, that man is not here, if he gets here he’ll be welcome if he gets distracted and take a different route then be it. I’m the same Emily not matter what.

Oh and please don’t get me started with the “he’s makes me complete”. I for once never saw myself as incomplete. I know I’m not a half, I’m a one.

Ok enough of this rhetoric. I’m for now I’m single.

People should relax and live life day by day.

So I hope this helped clarify some of the messages I get from friends and family. If you have more questions shoot them and I’ll blog the answers on here.

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