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Questions, questions, questions… Part II

By the way, if you wonder why this post is divided is because is looong, we’ll see how many parts I’ll end up writing. I think shorter posts are easier to read, especially if you have ADHD or are easily distracted. I know I enjoy those more.

Back to where we left off -food.

Food is also readily available here, I think I mentioned this before. I mean I’m aware that we have McDonalds in every corner in the US but this is different, this is high quality food. Fresh coconuts, juicy papayas. Ready to eat bananas (not that green stuff you find in the grocery stores in the US).

The best “fast” food is here and usually for pennies. Bonus: you can almost eat non-stop and not gain weight and I’m saying almost because I did gain half a pound but lost if surging, see? Even working out here is fun. Why do people here don’t gain weight? Easy, people walk places.

That’s right the car culture is minimal here in comparison to the US. I once met a local here who joked about Americans driving from their bedrooms to their bathrooms. It’s funny but also sad because it’s becoming a reality. It’s hard to see obesity here.

So I think it’s a combination of eating healthy and free foods and walking, moving and not being so sedentary. This is no secret but there is a difference between talking about it and actually seeing it. If I ever want to start a business I would do healthy tourism.

Healthy tourism where I would bring people here from bigger countries, I would let them stay for a week or two or even longer and feed them the right foods, let them mingle with the locals and soak on the culture for a bit. No cars allowed. You walk and you get to know the baker, the lady that sell mangos in the corner, etc. So they can experience the benefits of doing all these things combined and how very little effort it takes. I would probably save lives.

….to be continued….


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