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Lola, my BFF

Lola and were meant to be. I knew this for the very first moment I laid my eyes on her, it was mutual. It was mid-Summer and I had been wanting a dog for a while. Someone who can sleep with me in bed, someone loyal.

I grew up with a small dog, which is not surprise given the fact that I grew up in overpopulated New York City we had no choice but to get a very small pet. Her name was Holly and she was Pekingese.

One afternoon I let her out of her leash and she ran away crossing the street, a car was making a right just at the same moment and the tires met one of Holly’s eye. We rushed her to the vet, they decided to operate on her eye but there was nothing they could do, the vet said she will recover fine but she had lost her eye. I still remember that day like if it was yesterday. We took her home the next day, she was still half out.

After she was completely out of the anesthesia, we put her on the floor, but now that she had only one eye she had to start all over. She learned how to navigate around the house with one eye, you could see she was having a hard time getting oriented and she would crash against the wall sometimes.

It was like she was a puppy again, all from day zero.

But at some point she learned to get around with only one eye and soon enough she was fine. We were happy to see her recover completely. But I never recover from the guilt of letting her loose like that. To this day I’m always afraid of having the same thing happened again. Holly died years later of being old and I promised myself to never get another dog.

But years went by and I started accepting the fact that I had made a mistake and that it was time to trust myself again. So that day I went to the dog pound. I didn’t have anything particular in mind, I just wanted a dog that would love me and that I could him back. I went through kennels, all pretty much begging to go home with me and then Lola.

Lola, a Schnauzer, had mostly black hair. We locked eyes, it was love at first sight. And that’s all it took. I took her home and she’s been with me ever since. Lola is now 5 and we are BFF.

I picked her name out of a whim, I wanted something short and with personality. And Lola fits her perfectly.

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