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Just a Quick Note

A quick update about what’s going on here.

Otto continues moving along, although at some point it was a hurricane now it’s just a tropical storm that is expected to land somewhere between Costa Rica and Nicaragua sometime tomorrow Thursday. Authorities in Costa Rica have evacuated people living in the coast. I’m inland but only by a few hours and still undecided, I may have to move more inland but I’m going to wait and see how the day develops. So far so good, I have supplies, food and shelter and it’s just rainy.

I know this is irrelevant but Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I was going to spend it with my friends on the coast but of course all that got cancelled. I just talked to them and they were moved inland, they’re fine.

For those who are following my hydroponics series and actually doing it if possible bring the plants inside (this is only possible if you have indoor space or if you only have very few buckets or if you know you can do it) otherwise there’s no much you can do for bad weather prep. I would also suggest tightening the plants down with a rope to a tree or something sturdy and maybe use a canopy for cover but don’t worry too much about this, just do what you can and stay inside. Also if you have pets bring them in, I know this is common sense but still, sometimes we have so much going on and common sense goes with it too.

And be prepared to have nothing left after the storm has passed, that’s life.

Stay dry, stay well my friends.

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