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Hi readers, this “About me” section can be daunting, it feels more like a job interview than anything else or more like a dating profile, have you seen those? If you ever want a good laugh make sure to check them out, I mean everybody is good and perfect in the online dating world. I wonder why they’re all single then?

Back to my introduction, I’m Emily and I live in Costa Rica. I’m originally from New York. I will elaborate more on this on my first post. Friends here say I’m a reliable person to have as a friend.

Here are more details about me:

  • Born in New York City
  • Divorced -ages ago (not really but it feels like it)
  • One dog, Lola, my adoration, I will be definitely be blogging about her
  • I have green written all over me, I’m an environmentalist. It’s my duty to help protect this planet
  • I love food so I’m always on a diet
  • I could have been worn in the 60’s, you could call me hippie and it wouldn’t bother me

And here are my preferences:

  • Biking over carpooling
  • Vegetables over meat
  • No bra over being overly constricted
  • Four legs over human friends (well, almost)
  • The ocean over any crowded city
  • Jungle villa over concrete villa

Lastly, this blog is about life in Costa Rica, my passion is to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables in a green way and my new obsession -surfing.

I hope you enjoy reading me as much as I enjoy writing.

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