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About Costa Rican Food (Pictures!)

I’m about to state the obvious, the food in Costa Rica is beyond this world. Just to be clear, some people in the US think all Latin American food tastes and looks the same, this is just not true.

I think we are used to Mexican food and the tacos and burritos. That’s fine. But when trying new food from other Latin countries you’ll be exposed to a dance of colors and flavors. This is not to say that Mexican cuisine is missing those, on the contrary, but these are just different colors and flavors. Not two latin american dishes are the same.

Gallo Pinto, the traditional dish in Costa Rica, includes beans, eggs, white rice, fried plantains and salad, yes, all together in the same plate or bowl.

Here’s my version of Gallo Pinto, mine is without the eggs because I can’t digest them well, so I skip them. By the way, I’ve been told Gallo Pinto means Spotted Rooster, interesting uh?







I love this dish, it’s the Latin version of fast food. It seems people always have food ready when you visit and in between chit chat they feed you. By the time you leave the house you’ve already eaten a full meal without missing a beat.

I went to the flea market the other day to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and bought some Chayote. I was so excited because I hadn’t had this in so long that I started taking pictures when I got home.





Even though I eat a lot here I haven’t experienced any weight gain. I think I move a lot, walk, take public bus and don’t own a car. Food is also fresh and smaller portions in comparison to the American food portions.




Today I made a shrimp salad, and I just added tomatoes (from my own) and avocados and onions. I’m salivating just at the sight of this picture. It was beyond of this world. The best of all? It didn’t cost me and arm and a leg only $2. Ok to be fair the tomatoes were mine but still $2 for a full and healthy meal, not bad. I’m loving Costa Rica.

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