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4 Side Effects of Living in Costa Rica


I like to write short stories. I struggled with this when I was living in New York. The pace of life there is ridiculous and days seem to be missing a few hours.

Here is a different story, I usually dedicate the warm evenings to writing. There’s a sense of tranquility that was non-existent in NY. I can also read more. Just the other day I read a 600 page novel. I practice couch self-improvement everyday.


All of the sudden organic is no longer something exclusively for the privileged. Fruits and vegetable are abundant here and eating on the go doesn’t equal having to wait in a drive thru.

Life is somehow easier, with a slower pace and more time to wander and take care of oneself. Cooking at home is not a task, and get this, I have no microwave. Yup, true story, there’s no microwave at home, I’m not against modern life I just don’t need one. I buy my food fresh when I have to and cook it and eat it the same day. No need to freeze and reheat things. One word: easy.


Well, I’m not implying that pets are not free in the US but the fact that I live in rural Costa Rica helps with Lola being able to go places and come back whenever she feels like it. There’s other people living within a walking distance fro my hut and so Lola has made friends and goes for a visit every now and then. No leash needed. No doggie parks (really?). No going for scheduled walks. She just lives life the way she wants to, goes and comes and without requiring much supervision.


One of the things that attracted me when I first moved to Costa Rica was the idea of being so close to a body of water that wasn’t freaking cold.

I still remember the first time I went to the beach here, I saw a few bodies riding the waves. That got me exciting and while I could write extensively about my love-hate relationship with surfing I’m going to keep it simple and say that I have surfed enough here to be able to stay on the surfing board for a few seconds. Yes, it is that difficult.

Surfing is like eating with chopsticks, it all looks easy until you try.

But surfing does happen and after some many trials and errors I have been secretly accepted in the “hood”. An unspoken club of people who love riding the waves. These people travel all over the world, I don’t but there’s some serious champs living here.

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