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Questions, questions, questions…

First of all, I want to apologize for talking about the food here all the time, I can’t help it.

Food here is fresh and has a different taste, anyway, I’m just adding a picture to prove it. That was quite a unique salad tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, ham (I know!) and shredded cheese (pictured without the cheese). It was heavenly, I made this a few days ago for dinner. Very tasty.

Super Salad Costa Rican Version



So what’s going on with my life? Why do I love Costa Rica so much? Would I ever come back? Am I dating anybody here? Would I date a Latino guy? And if so how would I communicate? Yes, these are questions asked by my friends and relatives, but wait there’s more.

Will there be a wedding? Would they get invited? Even more, would I get married in Costa Rica? What about hotels? And the language. Yes people, this is the stuff I face everyday, mostly on emails, people being too much. I know they mean well but it can be overwhelming somehow.

Warning: Long post.

There’s a lot going on in my life. Imagine living in a place where you don’t know anybody or anything about the culture really. So there’s a lot to learn and apply to life because what’s so good about learning something if you don’t apply it to your life somehow? Useless.

So yes #1 I’m getting to know people and then more people. Costa Ricans are very very friendly, they’re curious about other expats living here because this is one of the most expensive countries in Latin America (I think it’s actually the most expensive but I’m too lazy to look it up), interesting how that works right? For us aliens living here is pure heavens.

Going back to the locals here, they’re friendliness makes is easier to make friends and learn the language and the culture. I forgot what was the first question again, oh yes, why I love Costa Rica so much. Well, add the the equation of friendliness, easy to get around, delicious food and extremely affordable. I always chuckle when locals tell me how I find their “expensive country”, I said, this is nothing in comparison to the US.

…will continue on next post

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