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Tomatoes, Hydroponics and Some Patience

Who likes tomatoes? I do.

My affair with tomatoes started at an early young age back in my New York days when trying to grow tomatoes in our tiny apartment. I learned a lot and failed many times, so for those of you who can’t have the luxury of moving far from the city to work on a farm this is what you can do.

Tips to grow tomatoes – small space

Yes, you can grow tomatoes using buckets, in fact that’s all I used as a child. And for those living in NY and wanting everything fast know that this doesn’t take long, in fact, you put all together and leave it there for four weeks (of course the plant will need sun, water, etc) but after a few weeks you’ll have a few cluster tomatoes already. It’s very simple. Ideally you want to use 5-gallon buckets, you can them from the local hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Important to know you’re not stuck with this size of bucket, you can use a 3-gallon, this is plenty.

If the bucket is white (probably) you need to block the sunlight so you don’t have the algae problems. There’s many options to do this, you can paint them black or you can just buy some black heavy duty garbage bags and wrap it around the bucket, again this is done to block the sun light from penetrating the soil and creating you a headache.

40061476 - bush of green tomato in the garden in man hands

green tomatoes



40879962 - bush of green tomato in the garden in man hands

When nothing goes as planned.

It happens and it will happen especially if you’re a beginner. The trick is to twist things here and there and listen, pay attention to what happen after those adjustments, do not to change the whole system at once, small changes are much better and will guarantee you learning from the struggles.


See you on the next tomato tip!


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