Reputation Management


Reputation Management is the attempt to shape public perception of a person or an organization by influences online about the person or company. It is sometimes referred to as rep management, online reputation management, or ORM.

    Before the age of technology and internet, public relations were managed by word of mouth, forms of print, and interviews. With the unlimited world of online media and social media, it is more important than ever to be cautious about your public perception and reputation. With the evolution of online media, new ways to create and manage online reputations have been created. There are companies that specialize in just managing online reputations.

    Experts in the fields know exactly how to create a positive public reputation and even how to correct negative influences and reviews. You can hire professionals to help you if your situation is in need of expert experience. Lots of people, individuals and even celebrities, as well as companies, and organization are in need of repairing negative branded mentions, reviews or publicity. Bright Past will help you to fix any online reputation related problems and provide you with high quality reputation management package.

    Some problems are easier fixed than others. It is up to you to determine if you can do damage control or if you or your company need a professional management counsel to help remedy the problem you wish to change. Making negative things disappear from the internet is now an industry where some RM’s make great money. These techno geeks trick search engines into reordering bad or negative news to a lower place on the search engine results.

    This can be accomplished in several ways. The RM can write positive articles, post fake reviews, launch a website promoting the subject, and even add links to existing sites. Some clients pay a monthly fee for reputation management personnel to keep their “name space” clean and positive. These monthly fees can run between $2,ooo to $10,000 dollars per month.

Personal or individual reputations are fixed differently than companies or organizations. News scandals, misunderstandings, and disgruntled customers sometimes spark anger and retaliation. Celebrities sometimes receive negative publicity and it can take extreme steps to correct that perception. Each case is different and depends on the situation and circumstances. Companies, businesses, and organizations have different problems than individuals. Whatever the case, in each situation, the negative publicity needs to be corrected in order to keep the person or business from suffering from the negative fallout. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional reputation management company to help you.